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'Creativity and Social Movements': Final schedule, by Faculty, Topics and Readings

Targeting post-graduate students / young faculties, the overall theme will cover the diverse socio-historical contexts in which thinking about creativity in relation to social movements (“aesthetics and politics” in the first half of the twentieth century) has mattered to both theory and practice. We will also consider the various forms of contemporary activism, and their conjunctures with cultural and aesthetic transformations of various kinds in inter-Asia. The programme will include 10 full-day themed coursework with a combination of lecture presentations and more informal as well as small group discussions, plus field-trips or visits on 2 or 3 days during the weekends.

Final Summer School schedule details: see link

DAY ONE: June 21, 2016
Meaghan MORRIS, ‘Aesthetics and Politics: Around the Long 1970s’
Screening: Drifting City, dir Jeong KIM (Soyoung KIM) - intro: Meaghan MORRIS, discussion: Soyoung KIM & Roberto CASTILLO.

DAY TWO: June 22, 2016
CHUA Beng Huat, ‘Youth and Occupy Politics’
Salon 1 - Campus Activism, Madhuja MUKHERJREE, Alex YK CHOW

DAY THREE: June 23, 2016
WANG Xiaoming, ‘Nong Country: radical thinkings & practices for alternative modernization in China’

DAY FOUR: June 24, 2016
Melani BUDIANTA, ‘Creativity, Movement, “Good” and “Bad” Politics
Salon 2 - Encountering Racism, Lisa YM LEUNG, Roberto CASTILLO & Jeffrey ANDREWS

DAY FIVE: June 25, 2016
Field Visit to Ping Che, North East Development Project

DAY SEVEN: June 27, 2016
Helen GRACE, 'Aesthetics and Political Creativity: The Artist as Future Producer’, Day Seven, June 27, 2016

DAY EIGHT: June 28, 2016
Ashish RAJADHYAKSHA, ‘The Asian “Committed” Documentary’
Salon 3 - Digital Media Activism, Rolien HOYNG & Oiwan LAM

DAY NINE: June 29, 2016
DING Naifei, Tejaswini NIRANJANA, Mikee INTON, Joseph CHO Man Kit, ‘Round Table: Languages of Gender/Sexuality in Our Time’

DAY TEN: June 30, 2016
P K HUI, "Knowledge Production, Pedagogy and Social Movement -- Creativity and Academic Activism Revisited"?,
Screening: Raise the Umbrellas, dir Evans CHAN + Q&A
Guided Tamar Tour
Salon 4: Tamar Past, Present & Future: PK HUI, Stephen CK CHAN & YC CHEN

DAY ELEVEN: July 1, 2016
Action Research: July 1 (optional) *off campus

DAY FOURTEEN: July 4, 2016
Chiyo WAKABAYASHI, ‘War Memory and Resistance to Militarism: Literature, Photography, and Film in Post-Reversion Okinawa

DAY FIFTEEN: July 5, 2016
PAIK, Wondam. '5.18 Guangzhu Democratic Uprising and the Long March to People Power in Asia'

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