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Culture: Industries and Diversity in Asia

Important Downloads:

Hong Kong Action Film at the Frontiers of Cinema by S.V. Srinivas.
This website is a part of a larger project that looks at the circulation of the Hong Kong action films in India to understand the social and political space occupied by the cinema in India.


“Film Culture, Politics and Industry.” Seminar, Issue on Unsettling Cinema, No. 525, May 2003.
“Hong Kong Action Film in the Indian B Circuit.” Inter Asia Cultural Studies, Vol. 4, No. 1, April 2003.
“Citizens and Subjects of Telugu Cinema.” Deep Focus, March 2002.
“Telugu Folklore Films: The Case of Patala Bhairavi.” Deep Focus, Vol. IX, No. 9, 2001.

Telugu Cinema writings:

"Is there a Public in the Cinema Hall?” Framework 42 (online edition), October 2000.

"Gandhian Nationalism and Melodrama in the 30’s Telugu Cinema.” Journal of the Moving Image, No. 1, Autumn, 1999.

This programme has been supported by:
Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Hivos (The Hague), Hivos (Bangalore), Open Society Institute (OSI, Budapest), The Japan Foundation (New Delhi), Nokia University, InKo Center (Chennai)

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