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Higher Education Innovation and Research Applications


Student Workshop organised by HEIRA 

Higher Education Innovation and Research Applications (HEIRA) engages with the Higher Education (HE) sector through key institutional partnerships with research centres, universities and undergraduate colleges. Our overall objective: revitalization of the field through interventions aimed at bringing together HE institutions that the system has so far kept apart.

HEIRA has wide experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation for policy making. It has produced, both in-house and through its institutional partnerships, several reports and scoping studies on the higher education sector in India. In the years to come, HEIRA aims to incubate scalable models for knowledge production and institutional design, focus on governance, financing, evaluation and assessment mechanisms as well as curriculum design, and develop new models for fostering research programmes.

HEIRA has identified inter-institutional collaborations, interdisciplinarity in research and teaching, and integration of hitherto segregated forms of knowledge production as the key strategies through which higher education could be made more relevant and more capable of addressing the challenges of our present time.The strategies are operationalised through support for Curriculum Development and Production of Resource Materials; Teacher Training Initiatives and Skill-building for students; Building Research Capacity. 

HEIRA interventions work through the following focus areas:

Integrated Science Education

Regional Language Resources

Social Justice in Higher Education

Policy Inputs

Faculty Development 


Networked Higher Education 

Formerly known as the Higher Education Cell (2007 - 2011), HEIRA received initial support from the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. 



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