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Talk by Sharachchandra Lele

The Ethical Breadth of Environmentalism

The Ethical Breadth of Environmentalism
Starts on 28 August 2009 The Ethical Breadth of Environmentalism

Sharachchandra Lélé (Senior Fellow, Environment and Development group, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment), has a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering in IIT Bombay (1984), an M.S. in Systems Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1987) and a Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley (1993). He has been a Bullard Fellow at Harvard University, and worked at the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security, Oakland, and at the Tata Energy Research Institute, before being involved in the founding of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment & Development (CISED), which recently merged with ATREE. Sharachchandra Lélé’s research interests include conceptual issues in sustainable development and sustainability, and analyses of institutional, economic, ecological and technological issues in forest, energy and water resource management. He attempts to incorporate strong inter-disciplinarity in his own research and teaching, which straddles ecology, economics and political science, and has a strong interest in understanding and facilitating interdisciplinary research and teaching on the environment.

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