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Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad
by Tejaswini Niranjana. Durham: Duke University Press, 2006.
Indian Cinema in the Time of Celluloid: From Bollywood to the Emergency
Ashish Rajadhyaksha (New Delhi: Tulika, 2009)
Between Empires: print and politics in Goa
Rochelle Pinto. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2007
Subalternity and Religion: The Prehistory of Dalit Empowerment in South Asia
Milind Wakankar: Routledge, 2010
Megastar: Chiranjeevi and Telugu Cinema after N.T. Rama Rao
S.V. Srinivas, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2009
Dislocation and Resettlement in Development: From Third World to the World of the Third
Anjan Chakrabarti and Anup Kumar Dhar: Routledge, 2009
Enculturing Law: New Agendas for Legal Pedagogy
Edited by Mathew John and Sitharamam Kakarala: New Delhi, Tulika Books, 2007
Alice in Bluleshwar: Navigating a Mumbai Neighbourhood
By Kaiwan Mehta

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