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Understanding Cultural Production

Paper 1.
Introduction to 'Culture' and 'Representation

This module looks at the 'commonsensical perceptions' of culture - explaining the rationale for using the three modules on Emotional Expression, Law and Culture and Histories to look at the notion of Culture and Representation.

Paper 2.
Culture and Emotional Expression.

This module examines the ways in which our ideas of emotion happen within broader understandings of culture, philosophy, social structure, economy and so forth. In that light, we will look closely at the ways in which current socio-economic changes reflect upon, an are in turn reflected in, our understandings of emotional expression.

Paper 3.
Law and Culture.

This module will look at the way in which law shapes cultural expression and ways in which cultural code informs the way in which law is articulated. The module focuses on issues around the freedom of expression.

Paper 4.
History, identity and the nation.

This module looks at the project of writing history and its relationship with cultural nationaism and imaginings/expressions of identity. While understanding the historicity of these processes, it retains its focus on contemporary issues.

Understanding Cultural Production

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