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506: Writing Seminar

Two credits

This course is aimed at helping students with their research writing. The early part of the course will examine methodological questions. Particular attention will be paid to the issues thrown up by Anthropology and History and their possible uses in Cultural Studies research. The course will then focus on making the students write a draft research proposal. Students will learn to demarcate the context of research, identify a research problem, and reflect on the methodology to be used in their thesis. In order to do so they will be given a number of writing assignments in which they will be also be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of standard citation formats.

The course does not have prescribed readings but handouts will be provided.

Session I: Discussion on methodology. First session on Anthropology by Dr. Ritty Lucose.

Session II: Discussion on methodology continued. Second session on Anthropology by Dr. Ritty Lucose.

Session III: The paragraph. Writing exercises.

Session IV: Sources and Bibliographies. Establishing the context for research. Identifying the research problem. Use of evidence. The role of hypothesis. Using the library. [Hand in exercise on paraphrasing]

Session V: Looking at earlier research proposals. Defining the focus of research. How to define your key concepts. [Hand in note on research topic and preliminary search for sources]

Session VI: Structuring the research proposal.

Session VII: Compiling a bibliography. Demarcating the field of research. [Hand in critical review of three or more texts related to your research topic.]

Session VIII: Using the archive. [Discussion with Dr. Sanghamitra Mishra]

Session IX: Writing the research proposal. [Hand in note in which a ‘proposal’ is written after reading a thesis or book related to the topic of research].

Session X: Discussion of Proposals 1 and 2.

Session XI: Proposals 3 and 4.

Session XII: Proposals 5 and 6.

Session XIII: Final Suggestions

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