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Workshop on Institutional Repositories

A workshop on Institutional Repositories (IR)

A workshop on Institutional Repositories (IR)
Starts on 18 August 2009 10:00
Ends on 18 August 2009 18:00
A workshop on Institutional Repositories (IR)


The CIDASIA programme at CSCS (Centre for the Study of Culture and Society), Bangalore is currently conducting a course on the Digital Classroom at Christ University in collaboration with CIS (Centre for Internet and Society), Bangalore, CEDBEC (Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum) at Christ University, Bangalore and Nokia University. The course explores the transformations that happen with the introduction of digital technology into the traditional classroom. In the context of the course there will be an attempt to use various technological devices and platforms for educational purposes. Institutional repositories (IR) are among the platforms that will be experimented with. In order to enable students, faculty members and others interested in understanding IR and working with them to have a better idea of the platform, CSCS, in collaboration with CIS and Christ University, plans to conduct a one day workshop on institutional repositories. The workshop is also part of the initial set of events that will feed into the collaborative projects under the Networked Higher Education (NHE) initiative of the Higher Education Cell at CSCS. The workshop will happen in two sessions, one of which is for all those involved in the technical aspects of IR and the other is an open session for everyone interested in understanding how to work with a repository. Both sessions will be followed by discussions. 

The agenda for both the sessions is as follows:

Non-tech Session: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

1. D Space and E Prints demo 

2. Features of IRs- what's needed, what's not- does D Space suffice for what we are trying to do? (See this presentation compiled at Christ University)

3. Familiarization of some sites with Open CourseWare- discussion of a good model to follow

4. Interaction of client devices (e.g. OLPC, Nokia tablet PC) with the repository 

5. Indexing- Categorization of material in the repository

6. Extent of visibility- material on the repository- harvesting of the same by Google Scholar/ similar search engines

7. Peer to peer-duplication issues

8. Peer to peer licensing issues

9. D Space/ E Prints?

Tech Session: 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM

1. Formats- PDF/Word- Media-self hosted?

2.Interoperability- Moodle/ J-Gate+ D Space

3.Google scholar/ similar sites- submitting content

4. Data loading- importing/exporting data 

5. Customization

6. Scalability in terms of network and storage space

7. Extensability- Access to other university resources/ systems 

8. Back-up/Recovery-bandwidth

9. System Maintenance

10. Internationalization (Multi-lingual support)

The list of people participating in the workshop is as follows:

-Anil Pinto- Department of Media Studies, Christ University

-Dr. Goudar- formerly head ICAST, NAL

-Manoj Kumar- INFLIBNET

-Nishant Shah- Center for Internet and Society

-Prasanta Baruah- SELF project

-Rajamanikam R- Computer networking professional, M.S.Swaminathan Foundation

-Rajeev Nair- NIAB project, Mahiti

-Rameswaran K- Project Associate, M.S.Swaminathan Foundation

-Sayamindu Dasgupta- OLPC project

-Vikram Vincent- Systems Administrator, Christ University

-Fr. Viju- Christ University

-Yatrik Patel- INLFIBNET





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